The Hollow Men

Nature And Demeanor

So, each book has slightly different lists for nature and demeanor. Some kind soul went through and compiled a list of all of them, which I will put here

Obviously not all of them apply to all characters, but it might kickstart an idea in your head to be able to see a more full list.


Okay, so some key notes:

  • As I’ve noted elsewhere, I’m trying to keep this open to as many character types as y’all want to play
  • This is not D&D. There is a good chance you will encounter no dungeons, and it is unlikely (though not impossible) that you will encounter any dragons. Less emphasis is placed on mechanics, and more on interactions. The world will progress without you, if you don’t do anything. Plot hooks abound, but you can take or leave them.
  • The world (and parallel worlds, for some characters) are open-world, we’ll likely start the game in the Northwest for the sake of familiarity, but there’s nothing keeping you here. I’m not going to put you on a rail, but I will have events occur at you and around you.
  • PVP is not encouraged, but… player conflict can be not only necessary, but actually fun at times. Don’t forget to keep your character and your self separate.
  • Your character is not immortal. We’ve played a lot of D&D lately, where death is an unlikely spectre, mostly shows up when explicitly invited, and is frequently reversible. This will be a little different. Death in the World of Darkness is very rude. He frequently shows up unannounced, makes a mess, won’t take no for an answer. I’m not going to put you into hopeless situations unless you really fucked up, but I’m not going to Deus Ex Machina you out of a bad day either. Death for anybody is a few silver bullets or wooden stakes away. Be cautious, but remember that a character dying is just an opportunity to introduce somebody new.

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