Nour Sawiris

Spoiled Trust-Fund Baby


Nour is the son of an excessively wealthy family, and it shows in every part of his demeanor. He appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties, and is average in height and build, with swarthy skin and short, well-groomed dark hair and a shadow of a beard.

He is energetic and vivacious, eager to speak at length about nearly any topic, but prone to violent fits of temper when confronted with obstacles.

He dresses well, but slightly anachronistically, a sort of bizarre egyptian-hipster mélange of modern clothing with more traditional garb, wearing slacks and a button-down with a traditional long cloak and Bedouin hat for example. He tends to accessorize to the extreme, wearing multiple necklaces and rings, expensive watches and sunglasses, stretching the thin line between “impressive” and “tacky as hell” to its limit.


Nour Sawiris

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