Ruaidhrí Orrin


Standing at a fairly towering 6’4’’ is what appears to be a, quite muscly and fit, human. Other than his physical stature, Ruaidhrí appearance is fairly normal. Ruaidhrí’s hair is fairly short and unkempt, coloured dark, just faintly red and with a touch of grey despite his age. If you happen to catch him without sleeves (or a shirt), you’ll notice quite a few tattoos on his forearms in at a glace seems to be runic marking of some sort, starting at the wrist near the palms spiraling up and around Ruaidhrí’s arms. You’d probably also notice the claw-like scar on his upper right shoulder chest area. Though you just as likely to catch him wearing some standard street clothes.

However despite Ruaidhrí’s physically intimidating appearance, there’s something else that gives you pause, a feeling that there is some stirring tension just beneath the surface.


Ruaidhrí Orrin

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